Foam Insulation in Chicago – Winter or Summer

Foam Insulation Chicago FAQs

The Chicago area experiences highs and low in temperatures all seasons of the year. After the record winter we have had here in the Chicago area, it is no wonder people are trying to figure out how to save on energy costs. And it isn’t limited to homeowners, business owners are discovering that their bottom foam insulation graphiclines have been adversely affected by plunging temperatures and driving winds. When you are spending more money on energy, there is less money for other things. And if your dwelling or business building is leaking heat in the winter, and cool air in the summer, then you are wasting money that could otherwise be spent for other uses.

What’s a person to do? An energy audit is probably the first step to saving money. Have a qualified energy auditor do a thermal scan of your building or home to see where the leakages are occurring. The usual culprits are windows, doors, attics and basements. Even walls can leak conditioned air to the outside and let the cold or hot air into the inside. Sagging insulation, either blown in or batt, can, overtime, become less effective meaning that you will probably notice cold walls in winter. In your attic, blown in insulation loses its loft and compresses. A less-thick layer of blown-in insulation does not have the same insulating value as it did when first installed.

We advocate for spray foam insulation wherever possible. It is efficient, environmentally friendly and will definitely save you money in the long run. Besides the money savings, your indoor environment will be much more comfortable in winter and summer. No drafts. No cold walls or floors. No money escaping through foundation walls. Just a tight thermal envelope that works to keep you comfortable and to keep more of your energy dollars in your pocket.